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5/5 Stars from Lo Kee      “Fantastic support & wonderfully detailed reports far beyond the first and second radiologist readings. I’m sure this info will be helpful going forward. Wish I’d have found SBA sooner – thank you for offering this service!”

5/5 stars from Lucy C.       “I believe this 2nd opinion will help my teen daughter finally get the help she needs after 3 long years of neuro symptoms and pain. They were very thorough and utilized additional radiologists to come to an agreement on the report.”

5/5 stars from Marti T.      “I am a clinician myself; and navigating the “world” of my career for accurate information regarding CCI and/or AAI has been fraught with frustration and disappointment. Spine and Brain Advocate helped me immensely, and even provided some tech support for me on how to send the images needed. The report was thorough, useful, helpful, timely, and, I believe, ACCURATE.”

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