January 1, 2010, my wife had a recreational accident just outside of Toronto, Canada. We spent lots of time and money bouncing from one healthcare professional to another and many specialists for several years but we didn’t get any solid answers when trying to find out what was causing her severe symptoms of widespread pain and neurological issues amongst many other health issues that is just too long to list here.  Imaging was “normal”. Blood tests mostly normal except inflammatory markers 5 times normal.  They eventually gave her the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia but on our own, through a lot of research and information provided by Dr. Peter Rowe, Dr. Gordon Ko,  Jennifer Brea and Jeffrey Wood we finally got her diagnosed with atlantoaxial instability and spinal instability due to ligament laxity.  How much better would she have recovered if it was diagnosed sooner, we will never know because that time has passed.  Over these years, we have come to understand that the majority of the world’s medical professionals haven’t been appropriately trained to diagnose nor treat Craniocervical Junction Instability due to ligament laxity, nor similar or co-morbid disorders like Chiari Malformation or EDS, yet there are substantial medical papers written on this condition and very knowledgable experts on this subject.  Thanks to the 2020-2021 Covid Pandemic, my events business went into lockdown and that’s when I thought of the idea of trying to help people with similar stories through this website, raise awareness on CCJ, spine and brain issues, and lobby for healthcare changes.  And when things re-open, I plan to raise money for Spine and Brain Advocate through fundraising events and activities.  I registered a not-for-profit corporation in Canada and will be working on this part-time with all profits going to lobbying for healthcare changes. You can find more about the mission, Championing Change, Multifaceted Healthcare for CCJ Disorders etc. under the Tab called “Mission”.

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p.s. Here are pictures of me and my wife, Ruth.