CCJ Patient Experience Survey

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Unveiling Our Mission: CCJ Patient Experience Survey

Our mission is simple but powerful: to compile and transform individual diagnostic and treatment journeys into impactful statistics and messages. These narratives, told collectively, serve as a voice to enlighten key stakeholders—government bodies, medical schools, researchers, and healthcare providers—about the challenges faced by spine and brain patients. Our ultimate aim is to foster education, instigate change, and enhance healthcare for those navigating spinal and cranial issues.

Who Should Participate?

If you carry a craniocervical junction disorder diagnosis, are currently undergoing investigation, or suspect a brain/spine disorder, your insights are invaluable. Whether you’ve completed the survey before or have updated information, your contribution matters. If you change your mind post-submission, let us know, and we’ll promptly remove your data from our database.

Time Commitment

Completing this comprehensive survey, ideally with the assistance of a caregiver, friend, or family member, is an investment in our shared journey. With over 60 questions, allocate approximately 30 minutes for the full survey.

Instructions for a Seamless Experience

1. Have your medical records on hand for easy referencing.
2. If possible, enlist the support of a friend, family member, or caregiver to minimize strain.
3. Review questions and answer choices before making selections, as changes may not be possible after submission.

Explore the Latest Insights:

Click here to delve into the most recent CCJ Patient Survey Results. Your participation empowers change and contributes to a collective narrative that advocates for improved healthcare for all.

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