Consultant Radiologists

Expert 2nd radiology opinions are the most effective way to decrease medical error rates and manage complex diseases such as craniocervical instability.  Our Consultant Radiologists are highly versed in craniocervical, spine and brain disorders and produce detailed reports including all the key accepted measurements of the craniocervical junction that are utilized by the majority of Neurosurgeons around the world.  

How are the Consultant Radiologists Selected?

The Consultant Radiologist(s) have been educated, trained and/or work in the UK, USA, Europe, India, Africa and/or Australia.  We carefully screen the Consultant Radiologists and have a detailed onboarding process to ensure they have the credentials, experience and skills to complete the reports. As part of the selection process, we send them relevant medical studies, articles and physician video presentations to review.  The final steps are trial cases to ensure they understand and meet Spine and Brain Advocate’s reporting standards.  Then as a last step, they review and sign our terms, privacy and agreement documents. 

Can I select the Radiologist that works on my case? 

No, we send imaging study cases based on the availability of the Radiologists, as well as the distribution of workloads.  As mentioned above, all Radiologists have the appropriate radiology credentials and have been carefully screened and onboarded to produce detailed, quality radiology reports. 

The concept is that you present your 2nd opinion radiology report(s) to your local treating physician, who may refer you to a specialist or order further imaging.   In our experience, this happens majority of the time.