CT Scan – 2nd Radiology Opinion


Most patients prefer having a second set of eyes focusing on their healthcare.  According to a study, 88% of patients who sought a 2nd medical opinion for a complex condition received a refined or completely new diagnosis. 

CT scans of the head and neck can show if there is swelling or bleeding in the brain, a fracture in the skull, elongated styloid process (Eagle Syndrome), damaged stylomandibular ligament (Ernest Syndrome) etc.   If you have signs of a serious injury, a CT scan is usually the best test to diagnose it. 

The Radiologist will look for possible reasons for your health symptoms such as weakness on one side of your face or body, problems speaking, hearing or swallowing, seizures, repeated vomiting, severe headaches, one pupil larger than the other, fluid from an ear or nose etc.

Historically, Radiologists used by Spine and Brain Advocate have provided more than double the amount of details and approximately 75% of the time have found new details that help doctors with a diagnosis.

Even if the 2nd Radiology opinion verifies the initial diagnosis, patients may feel more comfortable knowing that their health is being properly assessed. This is an extra level of reassurance that may put patients fears at ease and will allow for the best treatment plans to be developed.



Before purchasing a CT Scan 2nd Radiology Opinion, please make sure you have the Minimum CT Image requirements: 

1. CT Scan images are in DICOM File format  



STEP 1.  Purchase your desired 2nd Radiology Opinion.

♦   To ensure full and proper payment, make sure the appropriate quantity is made at “My Cart”.  Each Image Study = (1) One Quantity.

◊  e.g. CT Scan Neck  = Quantity (1)

◊  e.g. CBCT Head = Quantity (3)

◊ e.g. CT Scan Upper Extremity = Quantity (3)

e.g. CT Scan Lower Extremity = Quantity (3)

→  By purchasing a 2nd Radiology Medical Opinion, you are contracting Spine and Brain Advocate to act as a “3rd party Representative” on your behalf and agree to its terms, conditions and policies.


STEP 2.  Submit Image Files 

(i) Upload the applicable Radiology Image file(s) for review and Reporting as well as the original Report easily and securely via Google Drive share to:   spinebrainadvocate@gmail.com

(ii) In a separate email labelled “Supplementary Information”, upload any applicable supplementary Reports and imaging (i.e. Radiology, EKG, Blood etc.) as well as any photos or videos of your symptoms (i.e. tremors, facial spasms, discoloured hands or feet etc.) that may provide the Radiologists with a broad picture of what’s happening with you.  This information is very helpful for the Radiologists when reviewing your case.  Submit this supplementary information securely via Google Drive share to: spinebrainadvocate@gmail.com

(iii) complete the Patient  Clinical History (click here)


STEP 3.  Receive a Radiology Report from a certified Radiologist within 1 week from the date that images and payment were received.  Note that the Radiology Report(s) will be sent to the email address that was provided at Checkout. Have questions?  All reasonable requests will be accepted.

Obtaining Multiple Medical Opinions is the most effective way to decrease medical error rates. For a peace of mind, verify your diagnosis or get more details about the original diagnosis through 2nd medical opinions.

Teams of US, UK, Indian and Australian trained Radiologists are utilized by Spine and Brain Advocate in remote 2nd Radiology Opinions. 

The dedicated Radiologists working for clients that purchase a 2nd Radiology Opinion are internationally accredited and have over 8 years of experience in their field.  They can help you understand what your medical issues are with great breadth and depth.  Get your CT Scan 2nd Radiology Opinion today!